пятница, 26 января 2018 г.

Date in dba_audit_trail

timestamp in DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL defined as

cast ((from_tz(ntimestamp#,'00:00') at local) as date)

extended_timestamp defined as

from_tz(ntimestamp#,'00:00') at local

More often you know dates in Database timezone. It’s better to use

extended_timestamp AT TIME ZONE DBTIMEZONE

вторник, 16 января 2018 г.

Таблица для partition exchange

Комментарий из блога Льюиса

This DDL optimization stuff caused quite a significant headache to our alter table exchange mexhanism, which we had been using for a long time for loading/unloading tables. The first was in 11.1 with the default not null optimization and the second came with 12.1, where oracle optimized even adding column with default value. It is quite tricky to create table for exhange, when the ddl optmization kicks in. For 11.1 feature is is sufficient to force table to be created with proper hakan factor by using event 14529 inside session before CTAS is issues. I’m not sure if it is documented for 12.1 feature now, but to create table with proper hidden columns is possible by setting event 14529, level 512. We were forced to file a SR for this on MOS. It took quite a long untill we received this workarroud.