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Merge and unnest

Опять из книги Expert Oracle SQL: Optimization, Deployment, and Statistics разница между MERGE и UNNEST

• View merging applies to inline views, factored subqueries, and data
dictionary views that appear as row sources in the FROM clause of an
enclosing query block. View merging is controlled by the MERGE and
NO_MERGE hints.

• Subquery unnesting relates to subqueries in the
SELECT list, WHERE clause, or anywhere else that Oracle may in the
future support. Subquery unnesting is controlled by the UNNEST and

UNNEST – это про WHERE, SELECT и управляется при помощи UNNEST – NO_UNNEST hints

VIEW MERGING – это про FROM, управляется при помощи MERGE – NO_MERGE hints
Бывает 2 видов:
SIMPLE VIEW MERGING – heuristic transformation, т.е. применяется безусловно, но может быть отменена хинтами.
COMPLEX VIEW MERGING – cost based transformation, применяется, если subquery содержит DISTINCT или GROUP BY.

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