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Powershell: Split file to parts by placeholders

I have file all.sql with following structure

--------------start of file1.sql--------------
...content of file1.sql...
--------------end of file1.sql--------------

--------------start of file2.sql--------------
...content of file2.sql...
--------------end of file2.sql--------------

and I need to split file all.sql to separate files file1.sql, file2.sql, etc
You can use following Powershell script to do it


$pattern=[regex]'(?sm)--------------start of (.*?)--------------(.*?)--------------end of (.*?)--------------'

$file = Get-content $workingDir$allFileName -Raw 
foreach($match in $pattern.Matches($file)) {
  $outputFileName = $workingDir+$match.Groups[1].value
  Write-Output $outputFileName
  Set-Content -Path $outputFileName -Value $match.Groups[2].value

change pattern expression to hit your placeholders.

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